Clowns - Staten Island

Magic Clown Show!

That’s right, our clowns perform real magic! A perfect balance of illusions and laughter, this family show is great for audiences of all ages.  Filled with silly slapstick humor, fantastic magic tricks and tons of surprises, we are proud to bring you what’s been called the most entertaining clown magic show around.

Clown Variety Show

Why settle for just one type of fun?  Variety will make your party an outstanding event. Much more than a circus clown, our variety performers add an extra flair with all sorts of zany games and fun activities.  Choose of any of the following: balloon animals, face painting, games and temporary tattoos. The fun and laughter is non-stop with this show.  Make your event a spectacular one by adding Arts and Crafts activities and delicious party Fun Foods.

These extra special touches will make your day!

  • We’ll teach you to juggle in no time!
  • You won’t believe how fast you can learn the basic concepts of juggling by juggling with scarves.
  • A mere 15 minutes will have you on the way to mastering your own scarf juggling routine and with some practice you’ll be able to show off your new talent to friends and family alike.
  • It can be daunting and frustrating for children to start juggling with objects like balls or clubs, so we use lightweight scarves that are colorful and easy to handle.
  • Using our simple method they learn how to juggle in a matter of minutes. It builds self-confidence and is a great way to develop hand-eye coordination.
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